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50+ more of the worst roommates…ever!

Posted April 15th, 2010
by RentersInsurance.org Staff (3 comments)

Most people have had the misfortune of sharing a living space with someone that made them miserable. Here are 50 of the best places online to read, share or laugh about the pain of co-habitation.

Sites Dedicated to Terrible Roommates

badroommateproject.wordpress.com – Former Roomies band together to share their horror stores and welcome yours!

bad-roommates.blogspot.com – The tagline says it all, “A blog dedicated to bashing the world’s worst roommate” Even though the Blogger has moved on to a new living situation the stories are still hilarious.

bestroommateever.com – Sarcasm at it’s best! Don’t believe the Name, this site is all about nightmare roommates, read about others or share your own stories.

iflatshare.com – A site dedicated to crazy flatmates and how to deal with them.

ihatemyflatmate.blogspot.com – A blog chronicling the tales of one hellish a flat mate.

myroomysucks.com – Personal stories of a terrible roommate and a place to submit your tales or terror.

myroommateisadick.blogspot.com – Read about one jerk roommate and share your experiences. Succinctly put from the site’s creator “This site is dedicated to you and the millions of other dick roommates around the world.”

myveryworstroommate.com – Diverse accounts of Roommates behaving badly from Stalkers to Druggies and all the shades of crazy in between.

badroommatelist.com – Posing the Quesiton “Is Your Roommate a Douchebag?” This site collects and shares the best of bad roommate narratives.

deadbeatroommates.com – The title says it all. Unparalleled accounts of deadbeats and beyond. This site also helps you find a new roommate and tips on choosing one too avoid the dreaded deadbeat.

ihatemyroommate.net – Epic tales or horrific roommates with the added bonus of being able add your input. Vote “let em stay or Kick em out you rate the bad behavior.

ihatemyroommate.org – Beginning as a place to make fun of one man’s bad roommate and expanded to let everyone make fun of lousy roommates.

mycrazyroommate.com – A hilarious transcript of conversations with a batty housemate, from conspiracies to relationships this guy’s got thoughts on everything.

roommatefail.com – A place for everyone to share their rotten roommate woes. With categories like tequila, vomit and Bologna you KNOW these are good.

roommaterant.com – This is a place to vent when “killin is too good for em”. Rant and rave and share your pain with the world.

stupidcrapmyroommatedoes.com – Started by 3 friends as a way to deal with horrific roommates, this site’s categories range from the eviction worthy to the tolerably funny.

theroommatechronicles.wordpress.com – The Venting outlet for one man to blow off steam about his truly terrible Roommate

roommatehate.blogspot.com – Jenny’s tale of hating her roommate and hating her ex boyfriend for dating her terrible roommate.

roommatediaries.com – A place to post about the various appalling and entertaining aspects of sharing space with a roommate.

Best Stories About Nightmare Roommates

Sh!tty Roommate – This is the unparalleled, horror story of living with Jed. This is an Epic worthy of its own major motion picture and tells in graphic detail the daily nightmare one man survived. A disgusting tale that involves, tarantulas, violence, arrests, dead cats and rampant defecation, this story describes the utter hell one man survived.

Candidate for the Worst Roommate Ever – A story about living with someone who is nice enough, but has serious hygiene problems

Douche Bag- A disgusting tale of a douche bag roommate. And a roommate’s douche bag.

Story of Sucky RoommatesThis is the Story of a string of bad roommates and roommate hell ranging from obsessive compulsive rages to identity theft.

I hate my Roommate – Sometimes living with your best friend can be worse than living with a complete stranger

My Roommate is Lunatic- One roommate’s obsession with “going green” causes his roommate to go a little crazy with hilarious results.

Letter to My Daughter’s Roommate – A humorous, albeit, serious letter to a thieving, threatening, harassing roommate from a concerned parent

House Mate Horrors – This first of the “Barbara Chronicles” This post kicks a twisted Snow White story and the struggle to oust one late-paying tantrum throwing Roommate from the house.

10 Reasons Link Would Be a Terrible Roommate – A Hysterical list of reasons why Link from the Legend of Zelda would be a terrible roommate. His Weapons may be awesome on screen but not so much in close quarters.

A College Roommate from Hell – This is a warning tale of a selfish and inconsiderate roommate, written in an attempt to protect future would-be housemates.

Five Great Ways to torture a Bad Roommate – Based on personal roommate experience this reversal of experiences is a reflection and instruction on how to suck as a roommate.

Roommate Wrath – This is a story of living with an anal retentive, future crazy cat lady who never locks the door that could send anyone into a rage.

Hating My Roommate – An epic account of how universities fail their students by choosing to ignore their own housing surveys.

Craziest Roommate Ad Ever – Anyone who answers this ad seriously deserves what they get! This is a hilarious list of demands for a by someone with ridiculous ideals, and no real need for a roommate in the first place. Good luck with that buddy.

Roommate Revenge – A clever narrative of fighting fire with fire or Yellow with Brown in this cases. And who knew Raisins could get a guy to clean a bathroom.

Passive Aggressive Roommates – The best of non-verbal passive-aggressive ways to tell your roommate you’re mad and afraid of confrontation.

A Crazy Roommate- Awesome tales of a potentially Pyro-college roommate.

Death By Roommate- A Brief account of a roommate that was not just frustrating, but deadly.

The Strange and Terrible Saga of Eric Paul Nelson – Here we are treated to a story of roommate tortures, mixed with lost love and other assorted varieties of misery. All with the occasional choose your own adventure style “Detour”.

Roommates from Heaven and Hell – Moral differences and University Red tape result in a

semester from hell for one freshman girl and her promiscuous Girl Gone Wild Roommate.

Seriously Bad Roommates – A brief but appalling story of a bad roommate, filth and betrayal.

Gross Roommate – The tale of a disgusting lush of a roommate with a disturbing twist at the end.

My Roommate Smells – A roommate with nauseating aroma and a few creative ideas of how to retaliate.

Roommates and Drunken Friends – An angry but funny rant at an inconsiderate roommate and his drunken buddies.

Another Nominee for Worst Roommate Ever- This story opens with Rotting chicken in the toilet and ends with Chicken under the porch, with psychotic revolting behavior and a delusional landlord in between.

Crazy Cathy - Cathy sees Evil Dolls… Cathy is not someone you want to live with. Here is one poor roommate’s story.

Best Friend Turned Roommate Turned Nightmare- Sometimes it’s a BAD idea to live with your best friend. One girl finds out the hard way in this story of selfishness and sloth.

Evil Roommate – An introspective look at why living with a god awful roommate can sometimes make you a better person.

Crazy Lady in the House- A cross cultural experience from Hell with closet pictures! Strange eating habits and possibly emotional issues this is a roommate NO ONE wants.

Insane Roommate Saga- Broken down into 2 sections this is a hysterical numbered list of the true costs of a crazy Roommate.

Dear Todd: My Roommate Sucks- 4 tales of bad roommates and neighbors ranging from the mildly offensive to the extremely expensive.