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Top 50 Apartment Decoration Web Sites

Posted May 17th, 2010
by Staff (3 comments)

When it comes to decorating a living space in general, many people need lots of inspiration. Fortunately, inspiration in any type of style can be found on the Internet. Some people might feel there are special challenges that must be taken into consideration when decorating an apartment of any size or type. Those people would be right. Even so, most if not all decorating ideas that are generated for decorating a house can easily be modified to work in an apartment as well.

  1. Belle Vivir: A student of Interior Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City gives her take on the latest in apartment decorating.
  2. Decorno Apartment Decorating Blog: Cutting edge ideas that are not found at your local department store down the street.
  3. Interior Design and Decorating: Posts by someone who loves everything there is about designing; including interior design, home decoration, and more.
  4. Brooke’s Design Ideas, Tutorials, and More: Brooke’s feminine take on decorating and designs including ideas for parties and detailed tutorials.
  5. Decorating That Which Shelters You: Ideas for decorating what shelters you with a definite classic bent.
  6. Fresh Looks for Hip Spaces: A fresh, global feel for decorating your apartment, no matter where it is located
  7. Department of the (Home) Interior: A girl in the city passes on her knowledge and expertise about decorating with a focus on upscale comfort.
  8. So Haute: Inspired decorating ideas, with particular focus on the latest upcoming stars in the industry.
  9. Decorating from the Rainy City of Seattle: A wide range of decorating ideas from Seattle, also known as the rainy city.
  10. Guest Rooms With Personality: There are plenty of ideas in this article to save your guest room from the plague of boring.
  11. DIY Projects to Decorate Your Apartment: You will find lots of unique decorating ideas to make or buy.
  12. Lots of Bright Colors, including, yes, Orange!: Jessica likes orange, and other bright colors and it shows in the bright, modern decorating ideas and DIY projects she blogs.
  13. Whorange the color of craving.: Stunning modern art forms that encompass a range of genres find a home here.
  14. Maison Luxe: There are lots of decorating options on this blog, for a myriad of styles.
  15. Yesterday’s Style Today: Find lots of inspiration and ideas that focus on the style popular during the middle of the last century.
  16. Kitchen Pink: This blogger from Norfolk, UK, loves handmade decorating items as well as the color pink.
  17. Retro To Go: Full of retro decorations mainly hailing from the 80s.
  18. Lushlee: Features a feast of eclectic textures, colors and aesthetics and ideas for the senses.
  19. Casa Sugar: Decorating ideas galore with a focus on the modern look and celebrities.
  20. Inspiration Bubble: Focusing on vintage and retro fabrics, interiors and other decorative items from the 1950s and 1960s with a minimalistic and modern bent.
  21. Back Home Again: This blogger clearly loves the vintage and nostalgic decorating ideas and tips that she passes on.
  22. Simetra Junkaholic: An array of vintage styles to prompt your creative side.
  23. The Neo Traditionalist: Katie Amour’s globe trotting is reflected in her whimsy finds on her blog.
  24. The English Muse: With influences that range from the soft and gentle to the vibrant, the English Muse shares some unique ways to decorate your home.
  25. Fine Little Day: Eye candy in many different forms is posted by a photographer and designer.
  26. Eden Rose: A leaning toward the modern look is evident in the posts of self professed lover of all that is designing.
  27. Forever is Today: A student of graphic design in Sweden, the decorations posted by this blogger reflect global and modern influences.
  28. Decor Addict: A Canadian interior decorator tries to shop and feature local Canadian retailers while enjoying a variety of eclectic styles.
  29. Beach Bungalow: Victorian and retro styles, with some stray bits of others thrown in, pepper this blog.
  30. House of Turquoise: Explore the many shades of blue, particularly turquoise, in Erin’s decorating blog.
  31. Room Envy: Features lots of ideas for solving practical problems with a decorative flair.
  32. Rang Decor: A definite global affair with a deep grounding in the beautiful Indian style of decorating.
  33. Bloesem: Features a variety of simple and minimalistic decorating ideas.
  34. Design Public: A range of decorating ideas from DIY to celebrity homes grace this blog.
  35. An Indian Summer: Gorgeous bold and bright colors are at the forefront of this decorating blog that celebrates the Indian style.
  36. Absolutely Beautiful Things: Mixing vintage looks with modern touches, an Australian interior decorator has many wonderful ideas
  37. All Over Print: Focusing on the different ways that colors can be used to decorate and inspire a home.
  38. Decor Green: All that is generic cialis decorative, stylish and green.
  39. Emma’s Design Blog: Scandinavian decorating and design blogger, Emma, features primarily Scandinavian and modern decorating ideas.
  40. Home Rejuvenation: The Spaziale Series by Lanzavecchia and Wai features stark, modern, and almost futuristic decorating ideas.
  41. COCOCOZY: Many contemporary decorating ideas can be found here, as well as reviews and giveaways.
  42. Ferm Living: Clever and down to earth decorating ideas and tips straight from the blogger’s own files.
  43. City Living Baby: A range of different decorating styles are highlighted by this New York born, Miami transplanted interior decorator
  44. Style Files: A wide variety of stylish and tasteful decorating ideas with a European and Danish influence for the apartment, or any home, are posted here.
  45. SF Girl By Bay: Featuring a rustic, retro style that emphasizes taste as well as style.
  46. Down and Out Chic: Affordable, indie fashions for your home.
  47. The Iinspired Room: Melissa focuses on the simple and authentic designs that allow a rooms true character to stand out.
  48. Collection a Day: This San Francisco based artist and illustrator has vowed to display one of her unique and decorative collections a day for the next year.
  49. Bellamere Cottage: This blogger features Victorian inspired, and often handmade, decorative items to make yourself to give your apartment the personal touch.
  50. Better Home No Garden: Featuring a variety of decorating styles from modern to steam punk and everything in between, there is sure to be something to inspire you here.


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  • Posted June 14th, 2010 by Byron S. at 1:41 pm - Reply

    This post reminds me of a TV show I saw the other day about architecture in Japan. They install storage compartments in many clever places, leaving much more floor and wall space available to decorate. Keep up the great posts!

  • Posted June 16th, 2010 by samantha at 12:48 pm - Reply

    I have the same foot rest as the one in the picture! Haha, I think it was like $15 at Walmart or something.

  • Posted August 14th, 2010 by BRANDON at 2:33 pm - Reply

    Sooooo weird — this is MY former apartment! Landlords gave me a free month to let them photograph it. My boyfriend is an architect and came up with the idea of breaking up the studio with the shelves and baskets to have extra photo space!

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