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Top 50 Rental Law Blogs and Articles

Posted June 29th, 2010
by RentersInsurance.org Staff (1 comment)

With the economy the way it is lately, many people are having to rent homes instead of buying them. There are rights out there to protect you as a renter. Knowing these rights is very important when choosing where you rent. There are times that you may run into a landlord who tries to violate those rights and you need to be aware of what to do. Many renters are also running into homes they are renting being foreclosed on. There is help out there for you and you do have rights even then. Here is a list of the top rental law blogs and sites to help you find and research your tenant rights. Make sure to do your research before agreeing to any lease.

  1. Tenants In Foreclosure - A new law has been passed to protect tenant during foreclosure.
  2. Bankruptcy and Eviction - Read here to learn if filing bankruptcy can stop a possible eviction.
  3. Renters Rights - Here are the top 10 renter’s rights you should be aware of.
  4. Annual Rental Licenses - Some owners are required to have rental licenses in order to http://ahlp.org/viagra-online-cheap/ legally rent to tenants.
  5. Responsibilities - Remember to read your lease to know your rights and your responsibilities as a renter.
  6. Rental inspection law - Some cities have added a rental inspection law that landlords say will raise rent.
  7. Rental in foreclosure - There has been a new law passed to protect renters in homes that are in foreclosure.
  8. New Jersey Renters Rights - A court rules that vacation home renters can sue for injuries at the home.
  9. New Law - A new law is in place that landlords must define whether smoking is allowed on the property.
  10. Tenant Law Blog - Here you can learn about residential rental practices.
  11. Know your rights - It is important to find out your rights as a renter, especially if you live in substandard housing
  12. Getting Rights - Tenants get renters rights under new legislation.
  13. Arizona Rental Information - Learn your rights when renting in Arizona.
  14. State by State - Learn what the landlord and tenant rights are in each state.
  15. Rights In Foreclosure - Discover what your rights are as a tenant during foreclosure.
  16. Renting and Foreclosure - Facts you should know on what will happen if your landlord is foreclosed on.
  17. Protection - New federal laws that protect tenants during foreclosures.
  18. Left Vulnerable - Read about renters after commercial foreclosures.
  19. Renters Group - A group has formed to advocate for renters rights.
  20. Disputes - Learn about landlord’s obligations with your security deposit.
  21. Fight for Your Rights - Some tips on renting apartments and what you should know before doing so.
  22. New Law - Read here for a new law that has been passed and find the information on that law.
  23. Tenants rights - Read how there are laws protecting renters rights during foreclosure.
  24. Things To Know - Here are some tips on things you need to know and look for when renting.
  25. Protect yourself - Learn what your rights are and how to protect yourself when renting.
  26. Rent increase - Here is some information on what rights you have when facing a rent increase.
  27. Tenants and Neighbors - People coming together to insure the rights of tenants.
  28. Rights Of Renters - A blog on protecting the renters rights and uniting renters in this cause.
  29. Blog On Tenants - Here is a blog on tenants surviving foreclosure of their rental property.
  30. Disrepair - Tenants rights when repairs are needed to their homes.
  31. Sitting Tenant’s Rights - Information on the rights of what sitting tenants.
  32. Renter’s World - Learn what your rights are as a tenant in the renter’s world. Read about deposits, rent and other facts you need to know.
  33. Abandoned Property - This will explain the proper steps on handling abandoned personal property when a renter leaves.
  34. Real Estate Guy - This gentleman shares information on foreclosure and rental property.
  35. My Story - One person’s experience with renting and foreclosure.
  36. Top 9 - Here are the top nine rights a tenant has and how to protect those.
  37. Lease and deposit - Here is some help on understanding what these are.
  38. Eviction - Here are a few tips if you are facing eviction.
  39. Process - Here are the steps that it takes to get to the eviction process.
  40. Pet Owner’s - Learn your rights when renting with your four legged friends
  41. 3 Major Rights - Read here to find out the major rights renters have when their home is in foreclosure.
  42. Crow and Rose - A lot of information on what your rights as tenants are and what you can do to protect those rights.
  43. Story - One renter’s story of renting while the home was foreclosed on.
  44. Tenants Suffer - Read about what tenants go through when foreclosure is done.
  45. Tenants Act - Learn about an act formed to protect tenants after foreclosure.
  46. Badly Affected - Read about how badly tenants are affected during the process of foreclosure.
  47. Crisis Hurts Renters - Here is an article about how the foreclosure crisis is hurting and affecting renters as well as home owners.
  48. Tenants Act - Here you will find information on the protecting tenants at foreclosure act.
  49. Rights and Responsibilities - Learn about the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.
  50. Landlord Rights - Learn what the rights of your landlord are and how they pertain to you.